Legal Aid of North Carolina has been helping victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or financial exploitation for decades. We are the only legal organization in North Carolina that provides these services for free throughout the entire state.

We can help you wherever you live in North Carolina, even if your Legal Aid NC office isn’t nearby.

Legal Aid of North Carolina

Stop the cycle.

Legal help is key to stopping the cycle of violence and exploitation. Only lawyers can provide the legal solutions that victims need to stop their abusers and start new lives defined by freedom and safety.

As an independent organization, Legal Aid NC is not affiliated with the government, the District Attorney’s office or social services. Our only interest is helping you, regardless of your immigration status. Everything discussed with our clients is confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege.

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Legal Aid Helpline
(866) 219-LANC (5262)

8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday – Friday

5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Monday & Thursday

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The services described on this website are funded in part by the Governor’s Crime Commission, the chief advisory body on crime and justice issues to North Carolina’s Governor and Secretary of Public Safety. Legal Aid of North Carolina thanks the Commission for its generous support of our work.

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